Competitive Gymnastics

Competitive Gymnastics

Tri Star has four different competitive pathways for athletes who show increased capability and enthusiasm for gymnastics:

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics


Squad Competition

We have a skilled and dedicated staff who aim to see each gymnast reach their full potential. Athletes are selected into the competition squads based on strength, flexibility and coordination. Gymnasts in the competitive program have the opportunity to compete at local, regional, national and international events through out the year. The competitive program is an invite only program with the majority of our athletes entering through involvement in the Squad Competition pathway. We selected athletes 2 x / year but please get in touch if you wish your child to be tested at any time.

With training pathways that are lower in hours (Squad Comp, Tramp &Tumble) to supplement our artistic programs we have a program options to suit most families.

Tri Star has a strong performance history of international representation at Commonwealth Games, World Championships and Olympics. This means at Tri Star your child could go all the way!

Women’s Artistic Gymnastics (WAG)

WAG athletes train on Vault, Uneven Bars, Balance Beam and Floor Exercise and prepare for 5-6 competitions / season.

For more information about Women's Artistic Gymnastics, please contact:

Sarah Kelly
WAG Lead coach

Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG)

MAG athletes train six different apparatus; Floor Exercise, Pommel Horse, Still Rings, Vault, Parallel Bars and Horizontal Bar.

For more information about Men's Artistic Gymnastics, please contact:

Misha Koudinov
MAG Lead Coach


Tramp athletes perform routines of 10 skills on an Olympic size trampoline with multiple somersaults and twists, showing height and with minimum deviation from the centre of the bed. Athletes can also join our Double Mini Tramp (DMT) program as a supplement to their trampoline classes. 

For more information about Trampolining, please contact:

Emily Knight
Tramp Lead

Squad Competition (MAG, WAG, TRA, TUM)

Squad Competition pathway athletes train the same content as the competitive programmes above, but at a slower pace. The training hours are less and the competition opportuntiies achieve a balance of performance and participation. Squad competition is the place we start all our young competitive athletes and is a great path for those who wish to participate in other sports as well as gymnastics.

For more information about Squad Competition, please contact:

Dennise Hassan
Squad Competition Lead Coach

For all non code specific enquiries, please contact:

Paul Fischetti
Competition Manager

Competitive Uniform

Please click here for the Tri Star Competitive Uniform Information