Term 4 sees us running a couple of fundraisers to fundraise towards mat repairs and soft play equipment.

With lots of bouncy bodies using them each week, our mats eventually need a makeover! A new cover can extend the lifetime of our mats by up to 10 years, so money well spent! Soft play equipment includes the brightly coloured shapes (e.g. blocks, wedges, barrels) that make our classes fun, challenging and safe for all ages.

A massive thank you to all those that brought sunscreen and supported this fundraiser.  It has now closed but we do have some spare stock available for purchase from reception.  Feel free to email Kerri on the below email address if you wish to purchase a bottle, tube, lipscreen or the carabiner sunscreen.

The iron on label fundraiser is still running so click on the link to find out more about how to order iron on labels using the coupon code.

Don't hesitate to contact if you need help or have any questions.

A huge thanks in advance for supporting Tri Star in these fundraisers.