Diverse-ability Gymnastics

Tri Star Disability Gymnastics

Is your child wishing to jump on the trampoline? Swing on the bars? Gain confidence on the playground?

Why not check out the Tri Star Gymnastics Diverse-ability Program for an opportunity to learn gymnastic skills in a personalised setting, while also improving coordination, strength, balance and motor skills. With our personalised approach we are able to adapt to any age or ability and create a class around the athlete’s individual needs and goals. Our classes are a great way to build self-confidence and physical literacy in a fun and safe environment. Our Diverse-ability program is made possible with the support of the Tu Manawa Aktive Aotearoa fund.

If you are interested in more information or would like to pursue private lessons for your child or yourself please contact:

Catherine Takle
Disability Gymnastics Coordinator

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 All donations are much appreciated. Either contact Catherine or donate online via Tri Star's Disability Gymnastics page on givealittle »

Physical Disabilities

We cater to athletes with physical disabilities and help them to gain coordination, motor skills, balance as well as learn specific gymnastics skills in a fun, safe and personalised environment. Athletes will progress at their own speed and have a lot of input into their desired training outcomes. Funding may be available for this Programme.  Our Disability Coordinator can assist with funding applications for anyone interested in participating in this programme.


Intellectual Disabilities

Tri Star's disability gymnastics programme offers opportunities for school aged children or adults who may benefit from a more individual approach to gymnastics. In this way, the coach can personalise the lesson based on the needs, goals and gymnastic ability of the athlete. The main goal is to provide support and inclusion within the gym in order to help all of our athletes have a fun, engaging and successful experience, and to gain social skills alongside their physical literacy.

Please be aware that athletes with Down Syndrome will be asked to provide confirmation of a neck scan and consent from the doctor before they will be allowed to perform forwards or backwards rolling. This is for the safety of the athlete, and does not restrict their participation in the programme.

For athletes in this space we have a different funding model. Our funding partners include Aktive and Tri Star Gymnastics fundraising. Funding is only available for school-aged participants and is limited, so screening will take place for all athletes wishing to access this funding.


"The extra support of an in programme buddy has meant our active, busy & easily distracted boy gets so much more out of his gym class. Just having some one to encourage, support & gently bring him back on task has made a massive difference to his engagement” Kathryn Hagen

"Our 8-year-old daughter loves going to her gymnastics class each week. We have noticed improvements in her balance, coordination and focus. We’re so grateful to Tri Star and to Leigh for creating an inclusive, welcoming environment where children with disabilities can learn at their own pace." Debra Bellon

"Tri Star gym is an amazing place where my 15 year old son (Mikey) with Autism feel safe and welcome. He loves to come and enjoys doing different things. The coaches really take care of my son especially Leigh who is working with Mikey. I am pleased to say that your gym is an inviting place for all children especially children with special needs. As a parent I always felt that this is the right gym for my son. You really take care of each individual child. Leigh, you are amazing, friendly, always smiling and you have a lot of patience. I appreciate from the bottom of my heart the way you work with Mikey." Esther Vanaguntla

"Archie looks forward to his gym class with Leigh at Tristar. He likes Leigh; likes seeing his friend in the class and enjoys the exercises. Its a real work-out for him at a pace customized to his abilities." Josephine Tetley-Jones

"Kieran has been loving his weekly sessions at the gym with his buddy George. We’ve seen both of them grow in skills and confidence while they have been a part of the programme. We recommend the programme highly." Adam Barker

"My daughter Manon has benefited greatly from her first year with Leigh at Tristar Gymnastics. Tristar provides a safe and inclusive environment for their Disability Gymnastics program. Manon enjoys attending gym classes and she is proud of her achievements and progress. Leigh plans challenging individualized exercises that are also fun. Manon is always happy when we pick her up and luckily tired as well." Marcel van Kempen

"Our daughter Legacy who has ASD started with Tristar last year in the last term. She loves attending and being challenged. We love that she has some kind of ‘normal’ sporting life where she is learning to follow instructions as well as learning new skills through gymnastics. We have been impressed at how well Leigh gets Legacy to try new skills and to just participate as this can sometimes be difficult. Definitely a positive thing for us and for our daughter. We will continue to participate for as long as we can." Stace Pai

"Penny absolutely loves gymnastics - she used to dread gymnastics at school because she couldn’t do a lot of stuff but now she is confident & enthusiastic about it & is so proud to tell me all the things she can now do with some assistance & encouragement." Vanessa Page