Private Training

Sometimes the group training setting Tri Star is so good at, isn't quite enough to meet your individual needs, which is why Tri Star is now offering private training to members and new comers alike. If you need to brush up on your flips, tighten up your choreography or improve your fitness then private training is for you! Our aweseome Tri Star coaches have a wide range of skills and experience sure to meet your individual needs.

PRIVATE 1-2 people, $70 or $35pp

SEMI-PRIVATE 3-4 people $30pp

Simply scroll through the list of available coaches below, click on the email link of either your personal coach (or one who looks like they will best meet your needs), and let them bring a more tailored, personal experience to your time here at Tri Star (see conditions below).

Our Coaches

Gillian Tracey

Coaching role: GFA Coordinator

Qualifications / Experience: GNZ Preschool Coach, 30 years of gymnastics and coaching, Sport Management Certificate

Gillian is the GFA guru here at Tri Star capable of coaching across the entire breadth of the GFA programme. Starting off as a competitive gymnast for a number of years Gillian has held multiple roles at the club in competition, recreation and managment. Gillian can work with confidence in all age groups and is an athlete centred result driven person sure to deliver an excellent private training experience.

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults),  STEP 1-4 WAG, Schools Festival, Tumbling.

Ashleigh Henry

Coaching role: Schools Coordinator / GFA Lead After School Gymnastics Coach

Qualifications / Experience: ?

Ashleigh is a high energy mum turned gym coach with a passion to see young kids realise their own potential. Ashleigh leads our Schools programme which includes delivering the Auckland Schools Festival routines both here at Tri Star and offsite in schools in our community. Ash has spent time in junior competitive WAG as well as most of the GFA programmes so is incredibly versatile. 

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults),  STEP 1-3 WAG, Schools Festival.

David Bishop

Coaching role: MAG Coordinator

Qualifications / Experience: F.I.G Level 2 MAG, Competitive gymnast for 21 years, 13 years coaching, levels tour Head Coach to Texas 2017

Davids coaching values include gratitude, responsibility, compassion, honesty and hard work. He has competed internationally for NZ for a period of 9 years and his greatest sporting achievement was a BRONZE medal on floor at the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. David has trained in many gyms around the world and have seen many different coaching techniques. 

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), Junior to Senior MAG (all apparatus), STEP 1- SNR WAG VT, FX, Tumbling, Strength and conditioning, stunting.

Misha Koudinov

Coaching role: MAG Programme Coach

Qualifications / Experience: F.I.G Level 2 MAG, Competitive gymnast for 23 years, 2016 Olympian.

Misha is one of New Zealands highest achieving gymnasts having represeted the country at 4 Commonwelath Games, over 10 World Championships and in 2016 the Olympic games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Misha brings a high technical understanding of gymnastics to our programme and is particularly athlete focussed in his work able to problem solve to the needs of the athlete in front of him. 

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), Junior to Senior MAG (all apparatus), STEP 1- SNR WAG VT, FX, Tumbling, Strength and conditioning.

Hayley Storey

Coaching role: WAG Coordinator

Qualifications / Experience: Bachelor of Education, F.I.G. Level 2 WAG

Hayley Storey is the WAG Coordinator hereat Tri Star and so has a good handle on all the special requirements pertaining to WAG routines. Hayley did competitive gymnastics until the age of 11 and has been coaching since she was 14.. Currently Hayley is coaching gymnasts across multiple levels in the WAG programme and in 2017 she had the opportunity to coach at the NZ STEP tour to Singapore, and in 2018 had my first athlete selected to represent New Zealand. Hayley is detail oriented and has additional skills as a choreographer of STEPs level routines.

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults),  STEP 1-9 all apparatus, Choreogrpahy.

Jacey Humphreys

Coaching role: WAG Programme Coach

Qualifications / Experience: F.I.G Level 2 WAG, Competitive gymnast for 15 years, US College athlete.

Jacey has lived her life in the gym and no matter how hard she has tried it keeps pulling her back! Jacey started out as a competitive gymnast in the US system and has been exposed to both club, college and high performance camp settings giving her a depth of experience that is invaluable. Jacey works with our talented girls programme and has helped to produce a number of national champions and New Zealand representatives.

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), STEP 1- SNR WAG, Tumbling, Strength and conditioning, choreography, Strength and conditioning

Leo Rodrigues

Coaching role: Tramp & Tumble Coordinator

Qualifications / Experience: Bachelor of Physical Education & Sports, GNZ Junior MAG & Senior Tramp coach, 

Leo was a gymnast himself between the ages of 7 and 16. He has worked as a PE teacher, Gymnastics coach and Fitness instructor, before moving overseas to New Zealand. Leo spent 6 years as a Head Coach in a smaller town where he used to coach competitive MAG/WAG/TRA,  also schools and pre-schools programmes.  He now specialises as a Trampoline and Tumble coach. Leo has been the regional coach at Nationals for 4 different regions in both MAG and TRA and he has had some of his athletes achieved placings and medals at Nationals in both codes. Tumbling and Trampolining skills

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults),  Junior to Senior Tramp & Tumbling, Aerial skills (snowboarding etc), Crossfit gymnastics skills, Schools Festival Trampoline.

Kyleab Ellis

Coaching role: Lead Preschool Coach / WAG Programme Coach.

Qualifications / Experience: GNZ Preschool & Junior Coach, Certificate in Personal Training, Competitive Gymnast for 15 years

Kyleab is currently still a competitive athlete as well as a coach here at Tri Star. In 2018 he qualified to the VT finals at the Commonwealth Games and represented New Zealand at the World Championships. Kyleab has a passion for competitive gymnastics but as our Lead Preschool coach can tailor his coachng programmes to the youngest of our members to ensure they have a great time. 

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), Junior to Intermediate MAG (all apparatus), STEP 1-6 WAG VT, FX, UB, Strength and Conditioning.

Dennise Hassan

Coaching role: Lead Novice Competition Coach / WAG Prgoramme Coach

Qualifications / Experience: GNZ Elementry Coach

Dennise works in both our Novice Competition and competitive STEPs programme.  Dennise strives to get the best out of every athlete she coaches and tries hard to find a way that works for each individual style of learning.  Dennise has a real personal investment in all of her athletes.

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), STEP 1-4, Junior Tumbling, Strength and conditioning.


  • Competition athletes must in the first instance book privates with their group coach. If the group coach doesn't have the skills you require, they will recommend an alternative.
  • Competition athletes are restricted to a maximum 1 x PRIVATE or SEMI-PRIVATE / week.
  • All athletes whose coaches aren't available for private training may request the services of any other coach.
  • All minors (U18) must have one adult present for any private or semi-private training.
  • Athletes can warm up / stretch for 15 minutes prior to their private / semi-private to maximize their time on apparatus.
  • 24 hours notice must be given for a cancellation or full cost will be expected. 
  • Tri Star strongly discourages removing children from school to take up private training services.