Private Training

Tri Star offers private training to members and new comers alike. If you need to brush up on your flips, tighten up your choreography or improve your fitness then private training is for you! Our aweseome Tri Star coaches have a wide range of skills and experience sure to meet your individual needs.

Private Training (1:1 coach : athlete) 1 hour or 1.5 hours

  • $80 / hour
  • $120 / 1.5 hours

Semi-Private Training (1:2 athletes) 1 hour or 1.5 hours

  • $50 per person / 1 hour
  • $75 per person / 1.5 hours


  • $325 all inclusive

Alexandra and Leanne are able to offer floor routine choreography for Step 5 and above. The cost of choreography includes assistance with music seletion, routine design and one 2-2.5 hour workshop to teach the athlete her routine. Fine tuning of the routine will be conducted during normal training hours. 

Our Coaches

Gillian Tracey

Coaching role: GFA Manager

Qualifications / Experience: GNZ Preschool Coach, 30 years of gymnastics and coaching, Sport Management Certificate

Gillian is the GFA guru at TriStar capable of coaching across the entire breadth of the GFA programme. Starting off as a competitive gymnast for a number of years Gillian has held multiple roles at the club in competition, recreation and management. Gillian can work with confidence in all age groups and is an athlete centred results driven person, sure to deliver an excellent private training experience.

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults),  STEP 1-4 WAG, Schools Festival routines and Tumbling.

Luke Dobney

Coaching role: WAG Programme Coach

Qualifications / Experience: Competitive Gymnast for 25 years, Post Graduate Diploma of Sport Management, WAG JNR Coach

Luke is a retired senior international athlete representing New Zealand at a number of World Cups. Luke is our Events and Operations manager at Tristar as well as a coach in our WAG programme. Luke has experience in coaching both MAG and WAG athletes and offers an ethusiastic athlete focused coaching style. Luke restarted gymnastics after a 13 year break at the age of 24, so knows what it is like to start gymnastics as an adult. He is passionate about seeing people enjoy gymnastics and whatever age and ability they are currently at!

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), WAG STEP 1-9 Bar, Floor and Vault, MAG Floor and Vault, Tumbling, Strength and Conditioning

Ryan Davies

Coaching role:  Lead Preschool Coach / WAG Programme Coach

Qualifications / Experience: 

Ryan is an energetic and enthusiastic gymnastics coach with 8 years coaching experience. He takes a fun and holistic approach to coaching, and aims for high quality gymnastics.

Ryan’s dedication to gymnastics was rewarded with a Gymnastics New Zealand scholarship to Ollerup in Denmark for 6 months. Ollerup is specialised gymnastics school and during his time there he studied, and coached Team Gym (a variation of gymnastics including dance, tumbling, and mini tramp).

His wide range of skills and versatility is perfect for a one on one setting or a small group session.

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), Novice Comp, WAG STEP 1-3, Junior - Advanced Tumbling, Strength and Conditioning.

Leanne Olsen

Coaching role: Athlete Welbeing Coordinator / Choreographer

Qualifications / Experience: Leanne, hailing form the US, concluded her gymnastics gymnastics career as a successful level 10. During her days as a gymnast, she always loved making up dances and cutting her own floor music! Leanne has 15 years of choreography experience – it is something she truly enjoys doing. Besides floor and beam routines, Leanne has choreographed musicals and other theatrical productions (including “Cabaret” and “A Chorus Line”). Leanne brings an upbeat and energetic attitude to each choreo session, as she believes learning a new routine should be both fun and instructive. She understands that each routine should capture the individuality of the athlete. If needed, Leanne can advise parents and athletes on music selection and cutting.

Private Skills: Floor and beam choreography, floor music cutting, Junior to Senior WAG (floor & beam). Strength and conditioning.

Misha Koudinov

Coaching role: MAG Lead Coach

Qualifications / Experience: F.I.G Level 2 MAG, Competitive gymnast for 23 years, 2016 Olympian.

Misha is one of New Zealand's highest achieving gymnasts having represented New Zealand at 4 Commonwealth Games, over 10 World Championships and at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. Misha brings a high technical understanding of gymnastics to our programme and is particularly athlete focussed. 

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), Junior to Senior MAG (all apparatus), STEP 1- SNR WAG VT, FX, Tumbling, Strength and conditioning.

Dennise Hassan

Coaching role: Lead Novice Competition Coach / WAG Prgoramme Coach

Qualifications / Experience: GNZ Elementry Coach

Dennise works in both our Novice Competition and competitive STEPs programme.  Dennise strives to get the best out of every athlete she coaches and finds ways to work with each individual style of learning. Dennise has a real personal investment in all of her athletes.

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), STEP 1-4, Junior Tumbling, Strength and conditioning.

Miles Johnson

Coaching role:.WAG Lead Technical Coach

Qualifications / Experience: GNZ WAG Senior Coach, 30 years coaching experience (FIG-International, USAG- JO/TOPS/HOPES/Elite, NCAA Collegiate).

Milo comes to Tri-Star’s WAG competitive program with a wealth of enthusiasm & experience. A newcomer to New Zealand, Milo has a positive and highly competitive goal-oriented philosophy & methodology, & is greatly enjoying working with all of the hard-working & dedicated gymnasts & coaches here at Tri-Star.

Having coached national team members, World Championship/Olympic team members, and developed many Regional & National individual apparatus & team champions around the world, Milo hopes to work together with everyone and share the effective confidence building system of technical progressions he has learned and developed over time to empower our athletes and coaches help to improve the quality & competitiveness of our Tri-Star WAG program, and New Zealand gymnastics overall.

                                              Private Coaching Skills: Competitive WAG STEP 1-10, + JNR & SNR International

Alexandra Koudinova

Coaching role: WAG Lead Artistry Coach 

Qualifications / Experience:   FIG Level 3 WAG. Alexandra has been involved in New Zealand gymnastics since 1997, and has produced senior and junior gymnasts who represented New Zealand at Pacific Rim Champs, Commonwealth Games and World Championships. Alexandra also took Laura Robertson to the 2000 Sydney Olympic Games.

Private coaching skills: All recreational levels (preschool to adults), Junior to Senior WAG (all apparatus). Strength and conditioning


  • Competition athletes must in the first instance book privates with their group coach. If the group coach doesn't have the skills you require, they will recommend an alternative.
  • Competition athletes are restricted to a maximum 1 x PRIVATE or SEMI-PRIVATE / week.
  • All athletes whose coaches aren't available for private training may request the services of any other coach.
  • All minors (U18) must have one adult present for any private or semi-private training.
  • Athletes can warm up / stretch for 15 minutes prior to their private / semi-private to maximize their time on apparatus.
  • 24 hours notice must be given for a cancellation or full cost will be expected. 
  • Tri Star strongly discourages removing children from school to take up private training services.