Competition Volunteer Role Descriptions


You sit at a table with the judges and enter the scores they provide you into Scoreholder (gymnastics software programme).  You report to the front desk during the warm up and get shown how to do this.  ***Note this not complicated and you get the opportunity to be close to the gymnasts.


This is where we meet and greet at the front door and take the admission for spectators and sell raffle tickets. 


This seems to be the social area people hang out in. If your child is competing, then sign up during the warm up and after their comp as this is when it is busiest and you are here waiting for competition to start or waiting for prizegiving.  We just need sausages cooked and selling the drinks or , taking the $$$.  You can do this with your child (they can prepare the serviettes and bread and hand out the drinks). 


Again, similar to the BBQ if your child is competing then sign up for before and after their competition, as this is when it is busiest.  The BBQ and canteen are great ways to get to know the other parents of different STEP's/Levels.