Tri Star has a rich Alumni consisting of Member Volunteers who generously give their time and resource, Friends of Tri Star who are former members and who remain connected to our community, and Life Members who have gone over and above in service for our club over a long period of time. We remain extremely grateful for the tireless and enthusiastic way our Alumni contnue to support Tri Star in providing high quality opportunities in gymnastics to our local and wider Auckland community.

Our Life Members are listed below, in alphabetical order...

  • Erin Bannister
  • Val Bell
  • Gareth Brettell
  • Gerry Brettell
  • Sharon Donaldson
  • Dido Gotz
  • Martin Gotz
  • John Hanna
  • Russell Hooper
  • Jenny Jujnovich
  • Mark Jujnovich
  • Ray Knowles
  • Gordon Lambert
  • Colin Lowe
  • Anne Lowe
  • Olive McCullough
  • Dawn O’Dea
  • Glad Pinches
  • Grant Price
  • Mike Ranger
  • Cheryl Ranger
  • Nicola Ryan
  • Ted Shorrock
  • Bruce Turtle
  • Gillian Tracey
  • David Phillips

Gymnastics New Zealand Life Members

  • Martin Gotz
  • Dido Gotz
  • Mark Jujnovich
  • Mike Ranger