Life Members


We have honoured members of our club who throughout the years have given up their time to help administer and organise Tri Star into what it is today.

Our life members are people who have given long service over and above what can be expected, and for this Tri Star is eternally grateful.

Our life members are invited to every end of year prize giving to help pass out trophies and achievement awards.


Our Life Members are listed below, in alphabetical order...

  • Val Bell
  • Erin Bannister
  • Gareth Brettell
  • Gerry Brettell
  • Sharon Donaldson
  • Dido Gotz
  • Martin Gotz
  • John Hanna
  • Russell Hooper
  • Jenny Jujnovich
  • Mark Jujnovich
  • Ray Knowles
  • Gordon Lambert
  • Colin Lowe
  • Anne Lowe
  • Olive McCullough
  • Dawn O’Dea
  • Glad Pinches
  • Grant Price
  • Mike Ranger
  • Sheryl Ranger
  • Nicola Ryan
  • Ted Shorrock
  • Bruce Turtle

Our Sponsors

We would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank our sponsors (listed to the right) without whom we would not have been able to complete stage one of our facility development.