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After School gymnastics is a part of Tri Star's Gym For All (GFA) programme and classes are aimed at providing fun, fitness and co-ordination for young children as well as developing strength and flexibility.

Children start learning basic gymnastics skills (GymFun programme)  and can carry on to more specific Gymnastic training through the Incentive Badge programme as their skills develop.

There are also other codes they can venture into like trampoline, tumbling and rhythmic. 

For all After School enquiries, please contact:

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GFA Coordinator
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5 - 7 years

60 mins

Gym is an encouraging, foundation programme designed to introduce kids of any ability to the sport of gymnastics.

  • Suited to all kids aged 5-7 of all abilities.
  • This programme teaches the kids how to roll, handstand, cartwheel and much more! Great for balance, strength and flexibility.
  • Kids work towards Kiwi Gym Fun awards, the spectacular Tri Star Novice Competition and other term by term events.

Girls' Gym and Boys' Gym

7+ years

90-120 mins

Girls' Gym and Boys' Gym are progressive gymnastics programmes that teach kids awesome routines! These classes build on gymnastics skills and are a great challenge!

  • Suited to kids aged 7+ who are looking to stretch themselves a bit more!
  • Build from rolling, handstands and cartwheels right through to handsprings, flic flac’s and flips!
  • Participants work towards GSNZ Incentive awards, the spectacular Tri Star Gym Festival and other term by term events.

Novice Competition

5 years +

90 mins+

Novice Competition is a high energy programme for those extra bouncy kids who are showing gymnastic potential.

  • Suited to kids 5+ who show extra ability in gymnastics and who want to compete!
  • This programme follows the specific apparatus for boys and girls artistic gymnastics. Cool skills … tick!
  • Kids work towards GSNZ routines, compete for Tri Star in Novice Competitions, are generally selected for our competition squads (big gym) from this programme.



5 years +

60-120 mins

Tumble is great programme to extend the acrobatic ability of kids. Flic flac’s, sommersaults and twists … it’s got it all!

  • Suited to kids aged 5+ who are ruining your furniture at home!
  • Great for cheer, artistic gymnastics and all free style gymnastics.
  • Tumble kids work progressively towards the skills they need or want. It’s high energy, athlete and goal specific, and great fun!



5 years +

60-90 mins

Jump, Jump, Jump! Our tramp classes safely send kids flying in the most acrobatic gymnastic discipline! It’s awesome!

  • Suited to kids aged 5+ who have loads of energy and love to jump!
  • Classes take place on Olympic standard trampoline equipment and are designed to give kids massive air in a safe and progressive programme.
  • Kids work towards GSNZ trampoline awards, and are extended towards their own personal jumping potential!



5 years +

60-90 mins

In true freestyle spirit tricking and gymnastics rolled into one seriously cool class!

  • Suited to any kid 5+ who like their gymnastics a little outside the box!
  • This class takes gymnastics to the next level. Physical preparation + technical development + a little bit of madness = Parkour!
  • Let’s face it trickers love to show off! So we let them – each term we put together a video of their craziest tricks and make them youtube famous!


Dance Flip
7 years +

90 mins

Dance Flip is a tumbling class specific to children involved in competitive or performance dance. A great way to add WOW to your routine!

  • Suited to any kid 7+ who has done 2-3 years dance / gymnastics training.
  • This class gives the dance athlete the edge through learning aerials, salto’s and strengthening their body for an action packed routine!


Rhythmic Gymnastics

Rhythmic gymnastics helps develop hand-eye coordination, strength and flexibility. Correct and elegant posture is gained through these activities.

Gym for All Rhythmic Classes

This class teaches the basics in Rhythmic gymnastics.  It combines acrobatic movements, dance, strength and flexibility, with the use of hand apparatus – rope, ball, hoop, clubs and ribbon.  All equipment is supplied by the club.

Cheerleading Classes

All Star Cheerleading operate out of our facility.  Please contact them directly for bookings and enquiries.


Timetable & Enrolment

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Our Sponsors

We would like to gratefully acknowledge and thank our sponsors (listed to the right) without whom we would not have been able to complete stage one of our facility development.